Group Data Record

Reference SBR-4
Title De Lank Granite Quarries
Dates of coverage
Storage location
Contributor Mrs Pamela Bousfield
Description Collection of Letters, Newspaper articles, Brochures and miscellaneous papers relating to the operation and development of De Lank Granite Quarries, St Breward, Cornwall and information relating to the granite industry in Cornwall.
Recorder Mike Jones
Date of Recording 05 March 2013
Individual records in this group:
SBR-4-1 Planning Applications by Ennstone Building Products Ltd
SBR-4-2 Receipt for Apprenticeship Indentures from Cornwall Record Office
SBR-4-3 Mining Record Office information
SBR-4-4 De Lank Quarry, 1907
SBR-4-5 Memories of De Lank Quarry by David Methven
SBR-4-6 Copy of the Parish Magazine Blisland with Temple and St Breward, No 14
SBR-4-7 Notes on De Lank Quarry
SBR-4-8 Brochure on Cornish De Lank Silver-grey Granite
SBR-4-9 Letters from Miss K L Chambers
SBR-4-10 Notes on the effects of weather on St Breward
SBR-4-11 Fatal Accident at Bodmin
SBR-4-12 Letter by Ernest Colman
SBR-4-13 Newspaper cutting of the unveiling of Sir Arthur Quiller Couch Memorial
SBR-4-14 Letter from Thomas W Ward re transfer of De Lank Quarry
SBR-4-15 Thomas W Ward Limited's Company Newspaper
SBR-4-16 Selection of notes and newscuttings relating to the Elford family
SBR-4-17 Extract from Ernest Colman's Memories
SBR-4-18 Notes from various sources used in the publication of A History of St Breward, the Life of a Moorland Village
SBR-4-19 Part Index of papers within Group SBR-4
SBR-4-20 Letter from Derek to Fern and Laura
SBR-4-21 Newspaper photocopy of an article Granite from Bodmin Moor
SBR-4-22 Newspaper cutting re J W P Coggin
SBR-4-23 Geological Description of De Lank Quarry by J W P Coggin
SBR-4-24 Newspaper cutting from Western Morning News Business Review 1983
SBR-4-25 Newspaper cutting from the Guardian dated 27 December 1956 about the Doorway to the Dominion Shippers' Building
SBR-4-26 Advertisement for De Lank Quarry
SBR-4-27 Photocopy of a newspaper cutting reporting the Centenary Celebrations of the De Lank branch of the Amalgamation of Building Trades Workers
SBR-4-28 Photocopy of a newspaper article dated 18 October 1962
SBR-4-29 Notes of a conversation between Noel Hill and Pamela Bousfield January 1986
SBR-4-30 Observations by Ernest Colman
SBR-4-31 Notes on De Lank Quarry by E Colman
SBR-4-32 St Breward Stonecutters Presented to King George VI
SBR-4-33 The Lifetime Physical Exertion of a Granite Stonecutter
SBR-4-34 Stonecutters at De Lank Quarry
SBR-4-35 Leonard Rich using a Point Tool at De Lank Quarry
SBR-4-36 Letter from Ernest Colman to Mrs Lumley Smith
SBR-4-37 Advertisement for Tor Down Granite Quarry
SBR-4-38 Brochure titled Granite
SBR-4-39 Advertising Leaflet for De Lank Granite Memorials
SBR-4-40 Brochure Thomas W Ward (Roadstone) Ltd
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