Group Data Record

Reference SBR-8
Title St Breward Granite
Dates of coverage
Storage location St Breward Archive
Contributor E Colman
Description Extensive notes and manuscripts, written and compiled by E Colman, on subjects that relate to the mining and usage of St Breward granite. Advertising brochures, maps,plans,original photographs,letters and newspaper cuttings.
Recorder Val Hill
Date of Recording 21 March 2013
Individual records in this group:
SBR-8-1 Article from the Settler 1988
SBR-8-2 The Mediaeval Mason
SBR-8-3 Extracts from The Legacy of Egypt
SBR-8-4 Notes on Stone Circles
SBR-8-5 Manuscript by Ernest Colman on the Stonemasons of St Breward and their works
SBR-8-6 Ladybower Lake Reservoir
SBR-8-7 Extract from Hunting in North Cornwall by Miss Onslow
SBR-8-8 Share Certificate for De Lank Quarry
SBR-8-9 Advertising booklet for Cornish De Lank Granite Quarries
SBR-8-10 Advertising Brochure for United Stone Firms Limited
SBR-8-11 Advertising brochure for Cornish De Lank Silver Grey Granite
SBR-8-12 Advertisement for Cornish De Lank Silver Grey Granite
SBR-8-13 Advertising brochure
SBR-8-14 Article on Ancient Mexicans taken from the Reader's Digest
SBR-8-15 OS Map
SBR-8-16 Leaflet Specifications for Dressed and Polished Granite
SBR-8-17 Photographs of Memorials
SBR-8-18 Advertising brochure
SBR-8-19 Advertising Brochure for Hantergantick Granite
SBR-8-20 Eddystone Lighthouse
SBR-8-21 Eddystone Lighthouses 1881
SBR-8-22 Douglass Workyard at Plymouth
SBR-8-23 Eddystone Lighthouse Construction
SBR-8-24 Letter from Trinity House to E Colman
SBR-8-25 Drawing of Eddystone Lighthouse
SBR-8-26 Construction details for Eddystone Lighthouses
SBR-8-27 The Four Eddystone Lighthouses
SBR-8-28 Beachy Head New Lighthouse
SBR-8-29 Shipments of Granite from Wadebridge Quay
SBR-8-30 Map of the Isles of Scilly
SBR-8-31 The Smalls Lighthouse 1776
SBR-8-32 Letter from Trinity House to E Colman
SBR-8-33 Engineer's Plan of Smalls Rock Lighthouse
SBR-8-34 Engineer's Drawings of the Smalls Rock Lighthouse
SBR-8-35 The Wharf Rock Lighthouse
SBR-8-36 Letter from Ernest Colman to Mrs Lumley Smith
SBR-8-37 Map of Eddystone Reef
SBR-8-38 Old Cornish Crosses
SBR-8-39 Notes on Granite
SBR-8-40 British and Foreign Building Stones
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