Group Data Record

Reference SBR-91
Title St Breward People
Dates of coverage
Storage location
Description A collection of scanned, donated and loaned photographs, from various sources, of the people of St Breward.
Date of Recording 11 October 2012
Individual records in this group:
SBR-91-1 Mrs Elizabeth Chakrabhongse
SBR-91-2 St Brerward Youth Club 1953
SBR-91-3 Florence and Annie Doreen Bunt 1920
SBR-91-4 Leonard & Gwen Davy 1944
SBR-91-5 Mr & Mrs Winn
SBR-91-6 Teague Brothers
SBR-91-7 Carnival Royalty 1953
SBR-91-9 The Kerslake Family - 1937
SBR-91-10 Edna Ternouth & Mona
SBR-91-11 Ronald Coleman & Gordon Ternouth, 1989
SBR-91-12 Thomas Richard Marshall
SBR-91-13 St Breward Variety Entertainers
SBR-91-14 Alex Masters 1927
SBR-91-15 St Breward Silver Jubilee Party
SBR-91-17 St Breward Church Fete
SBR-91-18 Golden Jubilee Street Party 2002
SBR-91-20 Ronald Allen 1927
SBR-91-21 E, C, and G Masters, 1927
SBR-91-22 H Martyn & H Wight, 1927
SBR-91-24 Michael Cardew, 1976
SBR-91-25 Sunday Club Party, 2002
SBR-91-26 Group aboard 'Speedwell', 1970
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