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Individual records
SBR-25-1 Alphabetical list of memorials in graveyard south of St Breward Church
SBR-157-1 Canada in Khaki , Book 1
SBR-157-3 Canada in Khaki Book 3
SBR-157-2 Canada in Khaki, Book 2
SBR-31-1 Colman's notes on John Wesley
SBR-31-1 Colman's notes on John Wesley
SBR-31-3 De Lank Methodist Chapel
SBR-155-1 Extract from the book,
SBR-155-1 Extract from the book, "The Lighthouse"
SBR-155-2 Extracts from minutes of proceedings of Institute of Civil Engineers
SBR-155-6 Illustrations of the Eddystone Lighthouse
SBR-160-2 Index to Cornish Probate Records 1600-1649 Part 5
SBR-25-2 Memorials in St Breward church and in the part of the surrounding churchyard
SBR-44-7 Milestonesin the history of Cornwall and Devon's China clay industry
SBR-155-7 Miscellaneous correspondance regarding research into Eddystone lighthouse
SBR-34-5 Observations on the St Breward Primary School log
SBR-155-4 Pamphlet: "Lightship and Lighthouse"
SBR-155-3 Pamphlet: The Eddystone Lighthouse 1882
SBR-154-1 St Breward Census 1841
SBR-34-6 St Breward School in the 1920s - excerpt from article
SBR-155-5 Summary: "Eddystone Lighthouse"
SBR-160-1 The Guide to Cornish Probate Records
SBR-31-2 The history of the Bible Christian movement in St Breward
Group records
161 Correspondance of 2 former vicars of St Breward
162 Article: A Cornish rural postman
157 Canada in Khaki
154 Census records for St Breward
163 Circle News: St Breward Circle make sport in the Camel Valley
98 Details of the proceedings for the Opening of the Canteen for the De Lank Quarry
164 Emigration from St Breward
56 Ernest Colman's Survey of St Breward
155 Ernest Colman's collected papers on the Eddystone Lighthouse II
160 Guide to Cornish Probate Recordsl
18 London Bridge
25 Monumental Inscriptions - St Breward Parish Church
158 Religious Census of Britain- 1851
159 St Breward Crosses - 3 drawings
149 The Heritage of Bodmin Moor
153 Visitors book for the St Breward WW1 Exhibition
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