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Reference SBR-8-5
Title Manuscript by Ernest Colman on the Stonemasons of St Breward and their works
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Description Manuscript dated 1979 by Ernest Colman. It describes in detail all aspects of the work of a granite mason with reference to St Breward and De Lank Quarries. (The original manuscript included various photographs, booklets and extracts from magazines and these have been catalogued separately.) Within the ms the illustrations include the Interior of Exeter Cathedral, Dry Setting Stones for the Eddystone Lighthouse 1879-1882, De Lank masons circa 1922, Leonard Rich, Penquite House and Higher Lank door arches, a Tomb at Leaze Farm, Line drawings of Mason's Tools, Mason Working a Surfacing Machine, Masons at Nankivell's Quarry, The Gully at De Lank Quarries, Masons using dogs and chains,and splitting granite, Eddystone Lighthouse, Table of Comparitive Costs, sketches of the dimensions of the stones in the Eddystone Lighthouse, sketches of masonry jointing details of both Eddystone Lighthouses, sketch of construction detail of Bishop Rock, Eddystone and Fastnet Lighthouses, sketches of James and William Douglass, Beachy Head Lighthouse, Bishop Rock Lighthouse, Water Turbine at De Lank with Cyril Milner, Trinity House Smalls Rock 1856. Newspaper cuttings include 18 October 1962 Revival of the Granite Mason's Skills, 20 January 1955 Report on the Inquest of Henry Hamilton Pethick of The Nook, Limehead, St Breward who died 26 December 1954, article written by Terence Mulally. Names include : Nankivell's Quarry, Exeter Cathedral, Henry Crowle, Jack Parr, Theodore Colman, Stanley Manaton, His Majesty King George VI, Mr Philips, Mr Shearer, M Pooley, J Ellis, J McQuire, F C Millner, W Spargo, C Spargo, E Colman, W Burden, A Methven, W Linsay, Leonard Rich, Penquite House, Higher Lanke, The Billings Family, Leaze Farm, Miss W Dudley, R Symmons, P Coggin, Barnard Moore, Muriel Hawkey, Miss Onslow, Dr Bailey, Herbert Colman, Willie Hill, Miss C Wherry, Jack Webber, William Northcott, W Moore, W J Hawken, John Winn, Harry (Capey) May, James Hawken, Robert Roberts, Michael Roberts, Susanna Chapman, L J Carlyon, E R Rickard, J H Pethybridge, Dr F D M Hocking, Frederick George Ruben Morrish of Brookside, St Breward, Fernley William Parsons of Mount Pleasant, St Breward, Joel John Williams, R Nankivell, Frank Parr, J Parr, Mark Allen, Fred Bunt, J Northcott, W Bill Clarke, Charles Edward Clarke, Noah Jenkins, Wilfred Pender, Mr Hocking, Shearer and Company of Westminster, Sir James Douglas, Gilbert Gilkes and Company of Kendal, Holman Brothers of Camborne, V Williams, Eddystone Cottage, De Lank (now Eddystone House), W Buscombe, John Fry (Chocolate Maker).
Size/type 115 x A4 sheets, typewritten
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Recorder Val Hill
Storage location Folder SBR 8 St Breward Archive
Date of Recording 20 March 2013
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