Group records

SBR-1Test GroupThis is a test group
SBR-2Bodmin and Wenford Railway PhotographsPhotographic negatives and scans showing steam freight trains on the Bodmin to Wenford Railway hauling China Clay 1964.
SBR-3St Breward Village Hall Snooker ClubA collection of photographs taken at various events and social occasions organised by members of the club. Team sheets f...MORE
SBR-4De Lank Granite QuarriesCollection of Letters, Newspaper articles, Brochures and miscellaneous papers relating to the operation and development...MORE
SBR-94"Quarry Voices", oral transcript accompanying Exhibition featuring the social history of granite workers in the stone quarries of the South-west The CDs contain contributions by local former quarrymen: Dennis Champion, Peter Davey, David Kay, Fred Sanders and Arthu...MORE
SBR-5Geology of the St Breward areaVarious articles and notes on the Geology of Cornwall, Bodmin Moor and St Breward area. Including Geology of St Brewar...MORE
SBR-6Booklet written by Ernest Colman on Granite Setts and Sett MakingTypewritten sheets by Ernest Colman about Granite Setts, their manufacture and use.
SBR-7Tin Streaming and MiningTin Streaming and Mining. A series of articles, cuttings and notes relating to Tin streaming and mining in St Breward.
SBR-8St Breward GraniteExtensive notes and manuscripts, written and compiled by E Colman, on subjects that relate to the mining and usage of St...MORE
SBR-9The Pamela Bousfield / Ernest Colman File on St BrewardA comprehensive collectionn of notes, cuttings, quotes, census information etc given to Pamela Bousfield by Ernest Colma...MORE
SBR-10Tordown QuarryOverview of Tordown Quarry. Opening date of quarry 1840. Kelly
SBR-11Hantergantick QuarryOverview of Hantergantick (also known as Mays) Quarry from students project 1990. Letter confirming arrangements to cr...MORE
SBR-12GraniteQuarries and Quarrying Dressing Granite
SBR-13George Ellis CollectionPhoto of Stone Mason at work
SBR-14List of Buildings of Special architectural or Historic Interest 1987Official list of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest in the parish of St Breward - Department of the...MORE
SBR-15Listed BuildingsVarious lists of Listed buildings in St Breward 1987/8. Provisional list 1955. Map of North Cornwall District Council...MORE
SBR-16Dated buildings in St BrewardVarious lists of older buildings in St Breward with dates and other details. Copies of Lease documents for East Rose da...MORE
SBR-17Farm Buildings in St BrewardDescriptions of Situation,ownership and drawings of building features at: Treswallock, Hantergantick, Higher Lank, Leaz...MORE
SBR-18London BridgeA collection of articles photos, etc relating to the new London Bridge which is faced in St Breward Granite .Articles ma...MORE
SBR-19Domesday Book relating to St BrewardDomesday Map of Cornwall. Translation and copy of original entry for Hametethy. Some history of occupation and ownersh...MORE
SBR-20Archaeology of St Breward - Prehistory, Celtic crosses etc.Pre History Chapter from
SBR-21Farming in St BrewardChapter on farming from
SBR-22Shops , Businesses and MarketsCoombe Mill Leisure Brochure 1992. Wenford Bridge Pottery .Chapter from
SBR-23The Mills of St BrewardNotes on various mills including: Coombe Mill. Tuckingmills Duck Street Corn Mill. Hametethy Corn Mill. Notes on Tu...MORE
SBR-24St Breward Surnames of Long DurationA Summary compiled from the Parish Registers of St Breward of the names of families of longstanding residency within the...MORE
SBR-25Monumental Inscriptions - St Breward Parish Church A detailed list of all memorials contained within St Breward Church and Churchyard and plans showing their location.
SBR-26Manuscript of "A History of St Breward" Collection of papers comprising typescripts, galley proofs, pre-publication copies, and launch details of "A History of...MORE
SBR-27Numbers and Field names given in 1848 Schedule of the St Breward Tithe MapFile containing 3 complete lists of numbers (1-1770) and field names given in the 1848 schedule of the 1840 St Breward T...MORE
SBR-28The Parish MagazineA collection of the Community Magazines for the Parishes of Blisland with Temple, St Breward and Helland from its first...MORE
SBR-29The Origin of the name Simonward alias St BrewardA discussion as to the reason for the name given to the village, Simonward before St Breward was adopted, based in the n...MORE
SBR-30Scrapbooks of Newspaper Cuttings featuring contemporary St Breward lifeA collection of local paper cuttings recording chronologically events, activities and achievements both social and sport...MORE
SBR-31Methodism in St BrewardInformation and articles on the history of the Methodist chapels of St Breward
SBR-32Education and the schools in St BrewardVarious accounts by former pupils of their memories of school life in St Breward at the Church of England school and th...MORE
SBR-33Series of Books of Local Topographical interestA set of books printed by the local St Teath publishers, Bossiney books describing the topography and history of areas l...MORE
SBR-34The Logbooks of St Breward School An account of life in the school, handwritten by the Headteacher
SBR-35Reports of the Meetings of the St Breward Parish Council 1920 - 1935 Minutes of the meetings of St Breward P.C.C.nd the Annual Parish Meetings
SBR-36Two draft novels by a local authorNovels, inspired by the author's upbringing in the village and memories of local characters.
SBR-3717th century treatises on the history and topography of CornwallTreatises written by Richard Carew of Antony and John Norden respectively giving description of the important places wit...MORE
SBR-38A History of St Breward (2 copies)The first comprehensive account of the history and workings of the moorland of St Breward.
SBR-39Book titled Inspirational ThoughtsA book of poems written by a former resident of St Breward and daughter of the local Methodist lay preacher, Thomas Will...MORE
SBR-40The Police Constables of St Breward 1859 -1962Information and brief biographies of every Police Constable who had the responsibility of up-holding the law within the...MORE
SBR-41St Breward Tithe Apportionement ScheduleDocument listing the apportionment of the rent charge in lieu of tithes in the Parish of St Breward.
SBR-42Census 1971 for Cornwall and the Isles of ScillyA copy of the 1971 Census for Cornwall, with population statistics for St Breward
SBR-43St Breward ChurchyardA description of the headstones including epitaphs in St Breward churchyard
SBR-44The Modern China Clay IndustryPamphlets giving a description of the mining and uses of china clay and the history of the China Clay Industry in Cornwa...MORE
SBR-45A Morning Assembly BookThe book of prayers, readings and hymns used by St Breward School for its Assemblies between 1969 to 1985
SBR-46The history and natural history of the footpaths of the parish of St BrewarrdA document compiling tje history, locstion and naural history of all the footpaths within the parish of St Breward.
SBR-47Thomas Rowlandson, caracaturist, and his association with St BrewardNotes and Extracts from books regarding the life of Thomas Rowlandson with particular reference to his connection with S...MORE
SBR-48A practical guide to the Parish Councils Act, 1894A book explaining the details of the new 1894 Parish Councils Act
SBR-49St Breward Church - a report by the Historic Churches Preservation Trust 1960The bound book contains an assessment of the fabric of St Breward Church following a visit by a representative of the Hi...MORE
SBR-50The Parish Registers of St Breward in Cornwall 1558 - 1900A copy of all recorded Marriages, Baptisms, and Burials within the parish of St Breward from 1558 - 1900
SBR-51A copy of Kelly's Directory entries for St Breward 1856-1939A copy of entries pertaining to St Breward in a series of Kelly's Directories issued from 1856 to 1939
SBR-52A copy of the Parochial and Family history of the Deanery of Trigg Minor in the county of Cornwall, - covering St BrewardA copy of the history of St Breward which is within the Deanery of Trigg Minor, written by Sir John Maclean in 1871
SBR-53Baptisms in St Breward 1900 -2000A folder containing lists of the baptisms held in the parish of St Breward between 1900 and 2000.
SBR-54The County Admission Register for St Breward SchoolA copy of the County Admission Register of St Breward Church of England School from 1925 - 1946
SBR-55The St Breward Parish Register of Marriages 1898-1992A copy of the St Breward Parish Register of Marriages 1898 1992
SBR-56Ernest Colman's Survey of St BrewardErnest Colman's personal account of the geology, topography and history of St Breward.
SBR-57Smeaton's Description of the Building of the Edystone Lighthouse using De Lank graniteErnest Colman's collected papers on engineer Smeaton's building of the Edystone Lighthouse.
SBR-58St Breward Primary SchoolBooklet giving a concise acount of St Breward School including its history, ethos and curriculum.
SBR-59St Breward / Lank Village MapA Report,following a survey of St Breward/Lank by North Cornwall District Council, regarding its facilities and proposal...MORE
SBR-60St Breward / Lank Interim District PlanReport of survey into the village facilities and a statement of policies and proposals.
SBR-61St Breward Community Bus ProposalDocument setting out a proposal for a Community Bus for St Breward
SBR-62St Breward Silver Band 1899 - 1999A short history of the St Breward Silver Band 1899 -1999
SBR-63A celebration of the life of Ken SimonsAn sppreciation of the life of former St Breward resident
SBR-64The Wenford RailwayA large A4 file containing s collection of papers pertaining to the history of the Wenford Railway.
SBR-65St Breward Surnames and place names - meanings and early documentary evidenceA collection of papers which research the meanings of common surnames and place names local to St Breward parish.
SBR-66Ernest Colman's File on Michelangelo and the works of stonecutters in local graniteA description of the works of stone-cutters from the De Lank and Hantergantick quarries.
SBR-67Community News from CornwallA magazine giving news and views from Cornwall Rural Community Council
SBR-69Particulars of freehold properties for sale by Auction within the parish of BrewardEstate agents' details of a number of moorland properties within St Breward / Blisland parish to be auctioned.
SBR-70St Breward, the Granite Village.An article about St Breward taken from "Cornish Life" magazine, page30-31
SBR-71Notes on St Breward families of long settlement, including emigration detailsCompilation of documents regarding St Breward families of longterm settlement and details of emigration of family member...MORE
SBR-72Miscellaneous electoral registers for North Cornwall including St Breward A folder containing electoral registers for the St Breward ward
SBR-73Churches and ChapelsA large folder containing documents related to the churches and chapels within St Breward parish, including guides to th...MORE
SBR-74Boundary Stones marking St Breward parishSeveral A4 papers investigating and siting the boundary stones which marked the bounbdaries of the parish of St Breward.
SBR-75St Breward Parish Registers -1558-1900The only copy of the Parish Register of St Breward in Cornwall from 1558 to 1900, with Marriages from 1753 to 1813
SBR-76St Breward: - Taxation as it affected the peopleA file documenting all taxes administered by government and paid by some residents of St Breward through the ages.
SBR-77St Breward; economics, usages and customsA file with miscellaneous notes documenting the econnomics, usasges and customs of St Breward
SBR-78Cornish CrossesA folder containing much information upon the history of Cornish crosses particularly those in St Breward.
SBR-79St Breward WillsCopies of several wills of people once resident in St Breward.
SBR-80St Breward PrehistoryA large collection of notes on the artefacts left by prehistoric man in the area covered by St Breward parish.
SBR-81Th Evacuees of St BrewardLists of children sent as evacuees for the period of the war, their reminiscences and eye witness accounts of the bombin...MORE
SBR-82The Sporting History of St BrewardA brief synopsis of all the sports played in the village
SBR-83Ration Books issued to St Breward resident3 ration books used by a St Breward vilager
SBR-84The St Breward Male Voice ChoirA brief account of the recollected history of the village male voice choir which met and performed over a period of roug...MORE
SBR-85Memoirs: A Boy fron the Moors The memoirs of Roy Harper describing his life growing up on the area of Bodmin Moor between Temple and Blisland
SBR-86First World War Record of John Rich Rowe, native of St BrewardA complete copy of the Army records of John Rich Rowe who signed up to serve in the Canadian Expeditionary Force which j...MORE
SBR-87A Study of Twelve Rural Parishes in CornwallA Summary of the Report "Change in the Countryside The Cornish perspective" - A Study of Twelve Rural Parishes in Cornwa...MORE
SBR-88St Breward Womens's Institute (WI)Various scanned photographs from various sources.
SBR-89The Armed Services in St BrewardA collection of donated or loaned and scanned photographs from various sources with a general theme of the armed service...MORE
SBR-90Industry in and around St BrewardA collection of donated and scanned photographs from various sources with a general theme industry.
SBR-91St Breward PeopleA collection of scanned, donated and loaned photographs, from various sources, of the people of St Breward.
SBR-92St Breward Village TrailCreative notes and the text of the pamphlet"St Breward Village Trail"
SBR-93St Breward -photograph albumRed Phoograph album containing beautiful photographs of special events in the village life of St Breward
SBR-95The Holy Well at Chapel, St BrewardPamphlet decribing the Holy Well at Chapel, St Breward and the renovation that took place in 1994
SBR-96Register of the Simonward Red Cross Senior ClubRed hardback ledger used to record attendances at a Red Cross Senior Club. Contains names of many residents of St Brewar...MORE
SBR-97The 43rd Wesex Assocation's Pilgtimage to Rough Tor2 documents describing the Pilgrimage of the 43rd Wessex Association's Pilgrimage to Rough Tor
SBR-98Details of the proceedings for the Opening of the Canteen for the De Lank QuarryDetails of the proceedings for the opening of the De Lank Quarry canteen.
SBR-99Notice of Sale for auction of a freehold cottage and meadows at Wenford InnNotice of Sale by auction at Wenford Inn of a freehold cottage and meadows at De Lank
SBR-1001890s and early 1900s in St BrewardNotes written for the St Breward WI Drama group by Mrs Bousfield about the living and working conditions. housing, pursu...MORE
SBR-101Pre-history of St Breward ParishAn article written by Mrs Bousfield on the settlement by early Man on the upland areas of the parish.
SBR-102Beer mat from the Old Inn St BrewardSquare cardboard beer mat inscribed "The Old Inn", St Breward.
SBR-103Parking permit for the Stannon ClayworksAdhesive circular Car parking permit labelled "ENGLISH CHINA CLAY GROUP"
SBR-104Notice of Sale for auction of freehold farms, a fully licensed inn, cottages and accommodation lands in St BrewardA notification of sale by auction at the Royal Hotel,Bodmin on 18th July 1914 of farms, cottages, lands and a fully-lice...MORE
SBR-105Leather blotter presented to Captain R.H.Hall by the Cornwall Commoners AssociationA leather embossed blotter presented to Captain R.H.Hall by the Cornwall Commoners Association in grateful recognition o...MORE
SBR-106A school book once worked in by Henry Thomas Pethick whilst at St Breward SchoolGreen leather school book used for working in mathematics at St Breward School by Henry Thomas Pethick, a pupil at the s...MORE
SBR-107Poster advertising the opening of the New Bible Christain Chapel at Limehead, St Breward A poster announcing the opening of the Nee Bible Christian Chaper at Limehead, St Breward on January 1st 1871
SBR-1083 Receipts from J..Spare and Hawken3 receipts for sundry items, separately dated,from the shop of J.Spare and Hawken in St Breward
SBR-109WWI medal awarded to Private C.HannafordThe bronze star service WW1 medal mounted on a red,whie and blue longitudinally striped ribbon,awarded to Private C.Hann...MORE
SBR-110A series of 9 Accounts books kept by Thomas H. MarshallA collection of small Accounts books kept by Mr T.H.Marshall,listing his daily wages, his sales and his outgoings.
SBR-111Leather bound large account book of William Billing of HengarA tan, leather-bound accounts book kept by William Billing containing not only accounts but also other miscellania inclu...MORE
SBR-112Ledger recording poisons sold for the destruction of Vermin A paper Ledger in the most appalling state of decay used for recording the purchase of poisons aimed to destroy vermin....MORE
SBR-113Game BookA green hard back record book dimensions 8 inches by 4 inches with 20 hand written records of vermin and game birds shot...MORE
SBR-114Diary of 1929 describing Hunting with the North Cornwall HuntGreen hardback Diary in which is written an account of each hunting day of the North Cornwall Hunt in 1929
SBR-115Estate Book and 1940 DiaryBlack hardback book comprising the estate manual stating the laws relating to land mensionsestate management and a 1940...MORE
SBR-116"A pilgrim's guide to the Holy Wells of Cornwall
SBR-117Seven stone working tools along with one compass from a closed local granite quarrySeven stone-working tools including ONE compass used in local granite quarry
SBR-118Granite stone-working hammer Hammer used by masons in the local granite industry
SBR-11919th century brass telescopeBrass telescope gifted to the Camelford Museum
SBR-120Stone hot water bottleDomestic item used in dwelling in north Cornwall
SBR-121Stone hot water bottle Domestic utensil used mainly before the advent of electricity.
SBR-122A BrandisMetal tripod for use in cooking over a fire
SBR-123Cobblers lastMetal implement used for mending shoes
SBR-124Child's hoop and hookSmall iron hoop and hook used by local child
SBR-125Book titled Reggie to the RescueChilds story book of local interest
SBR-126RAF Davidstow MoorThe guidebook to the Davidstow Airfield and Cornwall at War Museum
SBR-128Historic Houses, Castles & gardens in CornwallA guide to historic, houses and gardens of Cornwall
SBR-129Book titled Bodmin Moor North DriveaboutGuidebook describing a circular drive around Bodmin Moor
SBR-130A pilgrims guide to the Holy Wells of CornwallDescription of the Holy Wells of Cornwall
SBR-131The Memories of Beryl Williams (nee Reed)Handwritten text typed up by Val Hill. "I was given this interesting account of the life, in 1936, of Beryl Williams (n...MORE
SBR-132Book titled Diary of Her First Trip AbroadThe diary written by the grandmother of Shirley Runnalls describes her first visit to the Continent in 1893
SBR-133Book titled Views of Old CornwallA collection of almost 200 picture postcards from the Peter Dryden collection with text by Sarah Foot
SBR-134Book titled A First History of CornwallThe book describes the different peoples who inhabited Cornwall from the Stone Age onwards,detailing their work and the...MORE
SBR-135Book titled Betjeman's CornwallA book comprising work by John Betjeman, describing surrounding parishes in prose and poetry with photographs and line d...MORE
SBR-136Book titled A History of CornwallA book describing the history of the county from the early Mesolithic times to the mid 20th century including the buildi...MORE
SBR-137Book titled Legends of CornwallBook containing a collection of 42 legends still circulating within the county of Cornwall.
SBR-138Book titled Discovering Bodmin MoorThe book describes important landmarks upon Bodmin Moor and their history
SBR-139Book titled Tales of the Cornish FishermenA collection of accounts regarding the lives of Cornish fishermen in the 19th- 20th century
SBR-140Book titled Do you know Cornwall?A miscellany of interesting facts about Cornwall
SBR-141Collection of paper cuttings from national and county periodicalsA scrapbook compiled from cuttings of local interest taken from a number of national: Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Coun...MORE
SBR-142Collection of cuttings from the Bodmin / Cornish Guardian pertaining to St BrewardA series of 13 folders containing newspaper cuttings of interest to St Breward
SBR-143The Footpath Project (WI)A folder produced in 1980 by the St Breward WI researching the history and natural history of the Footpaths of the paris...MORE
SBR-144Information and history of Loc Brevalaire, Breton twin parish to St BrewardThe file provides an insight into the history, customs and buildings of Loc Brevalaire, the Breton parish which shares t...MORE
SBR-145MrsTernouth's memories of her wartime evacueesMemories of war-t evacuees
SBR-146Book titled Unknown CornwallBook describing relatively unknown areas of Cornwall including Rough tor, Blisland, and Advent.
SBR-147Grocery Order Book from St Breward grocery storeA small yellow notebook with the accounts for the grocery orders of Mr Hooper of Limehead.
SBR-148The Minute book for the National League of Young Liberals, St Breward branchA hand-written exercise book with the minutes of the St Breward branch of the National League of Young Liberals.
SBR-149The Heritage of Bodmin MoorA paper which records information gathered at a meeting on 14th September 2004 to draw conclusion and offer recommendati...MORE
SBR-150St Breward ParishA printout of an article written on the internet regarding the history of St Breward utilising several historical sourc...MORE
SBR-151Bodmin Moor Commons Bill - House of Lords Official ReportHansard House of Lords official report which includes a second reading of the Bodmin Moor Commons Bill.(Pages 1149 to 11...MORE
SBR-152The St Breward and Advent Auxiliary Unit - a visit to uncover their historyAn account of a visit by members of St Breward History Group to the secret underground bunker of the St Breward Auxiliar...MORE
SBR-153Visitors book for the St Breward WW1 ExhibitionA book registering the comments of visitors to the exhibition showing the effects of WW1 upon St Breward.
SBR-154Census records for St BrewardPhotocopies of 19th century Census records for St Breward.
SBR-155Ernest Colman's collected papers on the Eddystone Lighthouse IIA file containing papers and diagrams researching the building of the second lighthouse on the Eddystone rocks using gra...MORE
SBR-157Canada in KhakiA tribute to the officers and men of the Military Forces of Canada in WW1
SBR-158Religious Census of Britain- 1851A Census of Accommodation and Attendance at Worship ordered by the Government - for St Breward
SBR-159St Breward Crosses - 3 drawings3 original drawings ( and copies) of granite crosses situated within the parish: 2 at Higher Lank, and 1 in St Breward c...MORE
SBR-160Guide to Cornish Probate RecordslThe Cornwall Record Office guide to Cornish Probate Record with included transcripts and facsimiles and an index to pari...MORE
SBR-161 Correspondance of 2 former vicars of St Breward2 letters: one handwritten by the Rev Thomas Taylor, the other type written and personally signed by the Rev.M.C.Brownin...MORE
SBR-162Article: A Cornish rural postman An article describing the life of a rural postman who delivered mail to the inhabitants of Bodmin Moor.
SBR-163Circle News: St Breward Circle make sport in the Camel ValleyAn article from the Regnal Magazine describing a paper chase in the Camel valley by members of the St Breward Circle.
SBR-164Emigration from St BrewardA description of emigration from the parish of St Breward - used in "A history of St Breward"
SBR-165DVD:"Last trip to Wenford" (1985)A film showing the last journey of the train to Wenford before the closure of the Wenford-Padstow line.
SBR-166DVD: Images St Breward Memorial Hall following completion of renovationA series of digital images showing the completed renovations undertaken for the St Breward Memorial Hall
SBR-167DVD: Images takenon the re-opening of the St Breward Memorial Hall following extensive renovationsA DVD showing images of the opening ceremony for the St Breward Memorial Hall following its upgrading and renovation.
SBR-168Details and history of a terraced cottage: 3, Victoria Terrace, Row, St BrewardA collection of estate agents' details ,a plan, photographs and background information concerning no.3, Victoria Terrace...MORE
SBR-169Copy of a flier advertising a concert by the St Breward Concert PartyA photocopy of a poster advertising a concert to be given by the St Breward Concert Party at the Council School, Cardi...MORE
SBR-170The Railway Magazine - article: The Wenford Mineral LineThe article describes the foundation and history of the Wenford Mineral line with photos and map.
SBR-171Letter of thanks from the Queen to St Breward Parish CouncilA letter sent on behalf of the Queen to St Breward Parish Council thanking it for the kind message sent for Her Majesty'...MORE
SBR-172Cornish Guardian report on the Clean-up of St Breward ChurchA Cornish Guardian newspaper report describing the cleaning of St Breward by parishioners following the completion of th...MORE
SBR-173Copy of Programme of Cup final of the Bodmin & District Footbal Leaguel Copy of a programme describing the Cop Final of the Bodmin and District Football League between St Breward and St Columb...MORE
SBR-174Particulars of the sale by auction of the Wenford DriersParticulars supplied by Jefferys the estate agents of the sale by auction of the Wenford Driers at the Old Inn, St Brewa...MORE
SBR-175Monument to Paul Julius ReuterInformation regarding the monument to P.J.Reuter created in De Lank quarry, St Breward in 1976
SBR-176Sale notice for the Lavethan EstateOriginal notice for the sale by auction of the Lavethan Estate in the parishes of St Breward and Blisland on 5th June 19...MORE
SBR-177Biography of John Rich Rowe, native of St BrewardAn account of the working life of a St Breward man, his emigration to Canada and return to Britain as a volunteer in the...MORE
SBR-178Copies of early extracts of St Breward newsA list of the earliest extracts of news from St Breward found from the Bodmin Guardian.
SBR-179Certificate awarded to St Breward resident by the St John Ambulance AssociationCertificate awarded by the St john Ambulance Association to Gerald Reed for having qualified to render ".First Aid to th...MORE
SBR-180Lease of St Breward Institute and St Breward War Memorial HallA copy of a lease of the St Breward Institute and the St Breward War Memorial Hall between the Parish Council of St Brew...MORE
SBR-181St Breward War MemorialsA comprehensive description of the War Memorials in St Breward Church, prepared for the National Inventory of War Memori...MORE
SBR-182Announcement of book launch A copy of a cutting from the Cornish Guardian describing the book launch of "A history of St Breward" edited by Pamela B...MORE
SBR-183Blisland Voices from the PastAn audio CD with a BBC recordist producing verbal accounts of life in Blisland
SBR-184Blisland Industry PresentationA CD containing a presentation (created with a program named 'Scala MultiMedia 200'on the industry sustaining the inhabi...MORE
SBR-185A CD containing a narration by Roy Harper, native of Blisland, describing his life and upbringing on Bodmin Moor.
SBR-186St Breward Carnival 2011 The annual St Breward Carnival which took place in July 2011 was filmed and produced as a DVD
SBR-187Mines of North Cornwall: St BrewardA box-file containing the history, archaeological assessment, ecological assessment and site investigation carried out a...MORE
SBR-188St Breward Village TrailA box file containing notes and photos used in the preparation of The St. Breward Village Trail leaflet. There are 5 co...MORE
SBR-189Grocery Order Book and Youth Club Accounts BookYellow covered, pre-printed Grocery Order Book used to order items from the local shop, which were then delivered and pa...MORE
SBR-190Memorandum of Agreement between L&SWR Company and English China Clays LimitedLegal document Memorandum of Agreement made 30 January 1922 between The London and South Western Railway Company and Eng...MORE
SBR-191Two black and white postcards of local scenesTwo unused black and white postcards of local scenes
SBR-192Copy of The Illustrated London NewsMagazine from 1973 containing an article titled The New London Bridge, written by Adam Fergusson. Pages 25-29 inclusive....MORE
SBR-193Ledger recording minutes of Community Bus committeeRed hardback ledger containing handwritten and typed minutes of meetings held to discuss Community Bus business.
SBR-194Book: Cornwall For Ever!Book to mark the Millennium showing the spirit of Cornwall presented in words and pictures. ISBN: 0 9538704 0 5
SBR-195Book titled A Report on the Desk Study and Site Investigation carried out at Great Onslow Consoles, St Breward, Cornwall 2001 Desk study and site investigation carried out at Great Onslow Consoles,StBreward,Cornwall.
SBR-196Book titled Great Onslow Consols Ecological AssessmentEcological assessment
SBR-197Book: Great Onslow Consols, St Breward, Cornwall - Archaeological AssessmentArchaeological Assessment
SBR-198Book: The Story of Three Bridges - the History of London BridgePublished to commemorate the history of London landmark
SBR-199Book: London BridgeHistory of London Bridge
SBR-200Book: London BridgeHistory and building of London Bridge. SBN: 7210 0715 5
SBR-201Book: Environmental Guide for Estuary UsersPamphlet on caring for the Camel Estuary
SBR-202Book: Cornwall WalksGuide book describing 28 walks around Cornwall. ISBN: 0-7117-0457-0
SBR-203Book: Wenford Dries, St Breward, CornwallBook of photographs of Wenford Dries
SBR-204Book: Church Trails in Cornwall - The Boscastle Area - Set 6Description of eleven Churches on individual cards
SBR-205Book: A History of Cornwall in 100 ObjectsBook explores Cornwall's heritage through fascinating objects in museums, heritage sites and historic houses.
SBR-206Book: London Bridge Progress DrawingsHardback book recording the demolition and rebuilding of London Bridge with text and pencil line drawings
SBR-207Book titled The Archaeology of Brittany, Normandy and the Channel Islands ISBN 0-571-09957-2Archaeology of north-west France
SBR-208Book titled The Archaeology of the Moors, Downs and Heaths of West Cornwall Soft back booklet - a general introduction to the landscape history and archaeology of West Cornwall 43 pagers
SBR-209Book titled What to Look for in Cornish Churches ISBN 0 7153 5884 7Hard back book of a short history of Cornish Churches 173 pages
SBR-210Book titled Views of Old Cornwall ISBN 0 906456 53 3Soft back book of picture postcards showing Old Cornwall 120 pages
SBR-211Book titled The National Trust Guide to Prehistoric and Roman Britain ISBN 0540 01076 6Hard back guide to prehistoric and Roman Britain 272 pages with handwritten notes by Pamela Bousfield
SBR-212Book titled The Story of ArchaeologyHard back book detailing the archaeology of the World 245 pages
SBR-213Book titled A Guide to the Prehistoric and Roman Monuments in England and WalesSoft back book about prehistoric and roman monuments in England and Wales 319 pages
SBR-214Book titled Discovering St Breward - a Village on Bodmin Moor. A boy's view. ISBN 9789 0379 88819Soft back book written by a pupil at St Breward School about his life in the village
SBR-215Book titled The Minions Moor ISBN 0 948 385 03 0Soft back book - a guide to Minions Moor, near Upton Cross, Cornwall 48 pages
SBR-216Book titled Delabole Slate Quarry Soft back book detailing Delabole Quarry Past and Present 24 pages
SBR-217Book titled Halfawyth - Bodmin Moor ISBN 0 948410 09 4Soft back book about the history of Bodmin Moor 19 pages
SBR-218Book titled Antiquities of the Cornish Countryside Soft back field guide to Cornwall's prehistoric monuments 32 pages
SBR-219Book titled Roman Britain Soft back atlas of Roman Britain 40 pages
SBR-220Book titled Saxon and Viking BritainSoft back atlas of Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain 40 pages
SBR-221Book titled Number 57 - the History of a House ISBN 07 553 1147 7Hard back book describing the history of a house in Bristol 223 pages
SBR-222Book titled Isambard Kingdom Brunel - a graphic biography Soft back book graphic biography of Isambard Kingdom Brunel 98 pages
SBR-223Book titled Shipwrecks on Cornwall's North Coast ISBN 0 85025 370 5Soft back book giving text and photographs of shipwrecks on Cornwall's North coast 32 pages
SBR-224Book titled Around BodminSoft back book with text and photographs about Bodmin, Cornwall 128 pages
SBR-225Book titled Images of Cornwall ISBN 1 870754 220Soft back book with text and photographs of Cornwall 72 pages
SBR-226Book titled Looking Back at Delabole over the past 50 YearsSoft back book photographs and text of Delabole, Cornwall 26 pages
SBR-227Book titled Seasons of Change - Rural Life in Victorian and Edwardian England isbn 0 04 63009 0Hard back book with text and photographs of Victorian and Edwardian England 190 pages
SBR-228Book titled China Clay from Cornwall and Devon - The Modern China Clay Industry ISBN 900147 42 4Soft back book of text and photographs about the China Clay Industry in Cornwall and Devon 64 pages
SBR-229Book titled Sweeping Changes Soft back book about the life of the Metters family and their chimney sweeping busines
SBR-230Book titled White Gold - Cookworthy Soft back book about the history of china clay 13 pages
SBR-231Book titled Cornwall's Lighthouse Heritage ISBN 090 6294 208Soft back book with text and photographs of a history of Cornwall's lighthouses 48 pages
SBR-232Book titled A Century for Cornwall - The Diocese of TruroHard back book with text and photograph of the history of Anglican Church in Cornwall 141 pages
SBR-233Book titled South West Granite ISBN 1900 1 47 130Soft back book with text and photographs of the history of the granite industry in Cornwall and Devon 223 pages
SBR-234Book titled The History of English China Clays Hard back book with text and photographs giving 50 years of pioneering and growth of English China Clays 189 pages
SBR-235Book titled Wenford Dries, St Breward, Cornwall Ring bound soft back book of pre-application discussion about the development of Wenford Dries
SBR-236Book titled Wenford Dries, St Breward, CornwallRing bound soft back book about Historic Building Assessment of Wenford Dries, St Breward, Cornwall
SBR-237Book titled East Cornwall Green Action GuideSoft back book on how you can make a difference for sustainability 47 pages
SBR-238Documents from St Breward Parish ChurchThree printed leaflets concerning Church matters.
SBR-239Poaching HookSteel, barbed poacher's hook, approx. 275mm length, which was used for poaching salmon from the River Camel. Made by Jo...MORE
SBR-240Notes on Stannon Moor and its clay workings28 sheets in an A4 display book. Contains photocopied sheets and photoscans from various publications, all relating to t...MORE
SBR-241Book titled Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19, Part 37Listings of soldiery from the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry (DCLI)who died the Great War of 1914-19. Printed and pub...MORE
SBR-242Book titled Antiquities of the Cornish CountrysideA field guide to the prehistoric monuments in Cornwall.
SBR-243Funeral Service SheetsA collection of funeral sheets of residents of the St Breward Parish.
Names include:
Ezekias Spare, William Hawkin...MORE
SBR-244Final School Practice LedgerThe final school practice ledger of Grace M Fittock (m. Masters). A hard bound book containing handwritten notes and il...MORE
SBR-245Book titled Cornish Milestones by Ian Thompson ISBN 978 0 906294 78 9Soft cover book with 184 pages. The development of Cornwall's roads across 18th and 19th centuries. Colour covers with b...MORE
SBR-246English China Clays Ltd Publication Limited edition promotional book illustrative of some of the operations, property, machinery and plant in Devon and Corn...MORE
SBR-247Printers Proof for 'A History of St Breward' Book.Paper document created by Pamela Bousfield during research for the book 'A History of St Breward'. Photograph of 'Awaiti...MORE
SBR-248Grocery Order Books and Metal Sign from St Breward Stores.Two grocery order books and metalic sign. Donated to SBHG when the St Breward Store closed circa 2017.
SBR-249The Memories of Phyllis Mabel Teague (nee Roberts)A Hard Life (History of a Teenager in Service 1921-1927). Paper copy of an original audio interview carried out by Leza...MORE
SBR-2501914 and Beyond - A Community ExhibitionPanflets and posters advertising the St Breward History Group exhibition to commemorate the centenary of the First World...MORE
SBR-251Western Morning News At
SBR-252RMC News Article - Art & the Craft of Architectural StoneOriginal double page spread from RMC News Article 'Art & the Craft of Architectural Stone' detailing stone masonary incl...MORE
SBR-253Pamela Bousfield NotesPhotocopy of handwritten notes by Pamela Bousfield detailing names of contributors for individual subjects with the 'His...MORE
SBR-254History of Shops in St BrewardOriginal 2 sheets typed memoir titled 'History of the Shops in St Breward' from late 1700s to 1940s. Including names of...MORE
SBR-255Photographic Study of Footpath Stiles In St BrewardColour photographs (x 70) of the granite stiles in and around St Breward. Written description on the back of each detail...MORE
SBR-256Seth Cardew ArticlePhotocopy of newspaper/magazine obituary of sculptor and potter, Christopher Seth Mason Cardew who lived and worked at W...MORE
SBR-257St Breward School Explorers Letter and PhotographsLetter dated 15/0½004 to Jacqueline Lewis (Teague) from Oswald Martin (ex Headmaster) regarding identifying students sh...MORE
SBR-258Book Titled North Cornwall Illustrated Guide BooksSoft back illustrated guide book to North Cornwall. Newquay, Perranporth, Tintagel, Padstow, Bude etc. with six maps, pl...MORE
SBR-259Book Titled A Cornish AnthologyHardback book collection of articles, poetry and prose relating to Cornwasll from various authors.Chosen by A.L.Rose.
SBR-260Book Titled Tudor Cornwall, Portrait of a Society Hardback book about tudor Cornwall with maps and photographs. By A.L.Rowse.
SBR-261Proclomation and Accession of King Charles 3rd3 pages of typed text of prayers and announcement
SBR-262A Summary of the History of the Billing Family of Hengar, St Tudy and Lank,St Breward, Cornwall 60 page document. A summary of the Billing Family History.
SBR-263The History of Kenningstock Mill9 page document. Chronological history of Kenningstock Mill
SBR-264The Largest China Clay Sett in the World - Stannon MoorPoor photocopy of promotional document about Stannon Moor china clay quarry
SBR-265A Quaker Saint of Cornwall. Loveday Hambly and her Guests. The rise of Quakerism in the West of England has not yet been described. this book attempts to fill the gap.
SBR-266Stone Crosses in East Cornwall (Including parts of Bodmin Moor)Third book in the federations Cornish Cross series and completes the eastern part of the county.
SBR-267Stone Crosses in Mid CornwallSecond in the series of Stones Crosses in Cornwall, covering Mid Cornwall area.
SBR-268Stone Crosses in Mid CornwallFirst in the series of books covering the whole county
SBR-269East and North Wheal Rose. Cornwall's Worst Mining Disasters175th Anniversary Edition of East and North Wheal Rose mining disaster
SBR-270A Handbook of Cornish Surnames (Enlarged Edition)An explanation of Cornish surnames and their possible meaning and history
SBR-271Ghosts around Bodmin MoorGhost stories from around Bodmin Moor
SBR-272History of Temple ChurchReprint originally published 1883 to mark the restoration of the church. Contributed by Rev J.R. Brown (Rector of Hellan...MORE
SBR-273Old Cornwall. Life in Cornwall about a Century ago.A short summary of life in Cornwall a century ago with B/W photos
SBR-274The Charlotte Dymond Murder Cornwall 1844A detailed account of the incident, investigation and subsequent trial.
SBR-275The Police Constables of St Breward (1859-1962)A history of the village Police Constables
SBR-276Cornwall's China Clay CountryA history of the China Clay industry in and around St Austell. Text and colour photos.
SBR-277The History of English China Clays. Fifty Years of Pioneering and Growth.A history of the China Clay industry in England.
SBR-278A History of The Cornish China Clay IndustryA history of the china clay industry. Text and B/W photos.
SBR-279St Breward Youth ClubItems relating to St Breward youth club
SBR-280Looking Back at PencarrowA history of Pencarrow
SBR-281The Story of Cornwall's RailwaysSoft cover booklet
SBR-282A Social History of Bodmin Union WorkhouseBodmin Union Workhouse
SBR-283Bodmin Moor's Archaeological HeritageArchaeological history of Bodmin Moor
SBR-284Cornwall's Archaeological HeritageCornwall's Archaeology
SBR-285The World of China ClayChina Clay Industry