Original History

by Trevor Ternouth


Ralph and Roy Kerslake with Trevor Ternouth, their second cousin, started meeting for lunchtime meals around 1986. Ralph, who lived in Torquay, had to come to Liskeard for his monthly Masonic Lodge meetings. Roy lived at Cardinham and Trevor at St Austell. They would often meet at their old village pub in St. Breward, sometimes the Blisland Inn. Also various pubs around St. Austell where Ralph would go back to Trevor’s home, for Pam’s high tea. 

Often while in St. Austell, Ralph would visit Trevor’s mother Edna, Ralph and Roy’s first cousin. Early evening Ralph would drive back to Liskeard for his meeting. Although at times, Ralph would be enjoying his time with Pam and Trevor and if they were at home, Phil and Rich, Pam and Trevor’s sons, laughing and joking, he would miss his meetings!

Occasionally, when in the North Cornwall area, after eating, we would come to see Denis Champion, an old school pal of theirs. I do remember Gladys, Dennis’s wife was very poorly at this time. It wasn’t long before she sadly passed away.

Terence George Kent

Terence George Kent

By this time Raymond Burrows had joined us. This was around 1990. Because of the three, we decided to ask Dennis to join us, he was pleased, the three plus Denis being old school mates had plenty to reminisce about. Then Ralph passed away. Although we were able to visit him at his home and in hospital, in Torquay. Roy, my mother and I visited him, at home to say our goodbyes – he sadly passed away the next day.

Denis, Raymond, Roy and Trevor still met each month. It was at Edna’s funeral Denis asked Terry Kent to join the St. Breward boys, Terry being Trevor’s best and oldest friend – both being best man at each other’s weddings. Their parents were also best friends!

William Arthur Welch

William Arthur Welch

So once more it became FIVE. But time takes its toll, both Ray and Roy passed away. A sad time for our families. But at Roy’s funeral, his best mate Terry Gifford, from Port Isaac, said Jack Hill, another St Breward man,  would like to meet Terry Kent, so it was agreed they should both join us.

It does appear it’s at funerals we recruit new members! John Collins and Arthur Welsh have been with us, joining after John’s wife Eileen’s sad passing. They have been keen members and the rest of us are glad they’re ‘on board’.


Early in 2016, Denis died, quite suddenly and we miss his vast knowledge of the St. Breward village – it’s people, past and present and his great knowledge of the granite industry.

We now number six in our group Jack Hill, Terry Gifford, John Collins, Arthur Welsh, Terry Kent and Trevor Ternouth.

We still meet each month – putting the world and St. Breward to rights, of course will continue to do so. Once each year we are joined by Ray’s London fishing buddies, in his memory. Being six in number we benefit from the Falcon’s two for one offer – that suits us tight Cornish buggers! 

This is after our 30 years anniversary

Time again has moved on. On Tuesday, December 5, 2017 we met with Raymond Burrows’ ‘up country fishing’ mates Jed and Graham. On this day we were joined, by hopefully two future regulars. Joe Kay and Peter Davey, these will be the younger members! See next paragraph.

Then on Wednesday, 13 December 2017, Pam, our son Phil and I had lunch at the Old Inn. When Darren Wills mentioned his dad, Dai would maybe pleased to join us – so I phoned him, he was delighted to have been asked to be part of our luncheon group.

It looks as though the Old Inn, could be our favourite venue for our monthly meetings.

William Arthur Welch

William Arthur Welch

Members list current: Terrence Kent (Truro), Arthur Welch and John Collins (Bodmin), Jack Hill and Terry Gifford (Port Isaac), Trevor Ternouth (St. Austell), Joe Kay, Peter Davey, and Dai Wills (St. Breward). (Joe Kay and Peter Davey joined us in November 2017 – Dai joined in January 2018)

Past members: Ralph Kerslake (Torquay), Raymond Burrows (Bodmin), Roy Kerslake (Par), Denis Champion (St. Breward). But all are ex St Breward, born and bred!

So we start 2018 with nine members, our 32nd year of formation. Although Jack Hill and Terry Gifford have decided our January 23, 2018 dinner at the Old Inn St. Breward it will be their last. Perhaps they may occasionally join us in the future. 

Chris Greenaway joined us August 2018.

Michael Hosking joined for 2019 only two meetings.

June 2020

Sadly we heard of Jack’s Hill’s death. Although no longer meeting with us he was a popular member of a group for almost 8 years. I was honoured to relay his eulogy at his funeral.

Also Dai Wills has been poorly for quite some time so he’s not joining us, at the moment. Regulars are Arthur Welsh, Terry Kent, Len Morgan, Peter Davey, Joe Kay, Chris Greenaway and Trevor Ternouth.

Owing to the Corona virus we haven’t met since February 2020. The first break since we started meeting back in 1986 – 34 years.

Mid 2018 Terry brought us along Michael Hoskin, who now lives in Redruth – so because of the distance from St. Breward he no longer joins us.

After Covid

Terence George Kent

Terence George Kent

We, Terry and I, hoped to restart our monthly meetings on Tuesday, July 27, 2020. But our St. Breward members decided it was too risky! Arthur, age 92 also decided, through his family, it was not the most sensible thing to do – so we have postponed until we all feel safe. Terry and myself have never been thought of, in St. Breward, as the most level headed people! We never seem to grow up.

On Tuesday 3rd of November 2020 my oldest and dearest friend Terrence George Kent died suddenly. The news has shocked all who knew him. Now I know how my dad felt when Terry’s dad Kenneth died suddenly. Those two were lifelong pals.

Dates of the St. Breward Bheys meetings

And times of their joining – and their year of death!

1986 Ralph and Roy Kerslake with Trevor Ternouth

1990 Raymond Burroughs joined

1996 Dennis Champion joined

1997 Ralph Kerslake died

2006 Terry Kent joined

2008 Raymond Burrows died

2011 Roy Kerslake died

2011 Jack Hill and Terry Gifford joined

2011 John Collins and Arthur Welsh joined 

2016 Dennis Champion died

5-12-2017 Joe, Kay and Peter Davey joined

John Collins left the group

23-1-018 Dai/Brian Wills and Len Morgan joined

28-8-2018 Chris Greenaway joined

Terry Gifford and Jack Hill left the group

8-2019 Mike Hoskin joined – only for 2 dinners! 

3-2020 Because of the pandemic our monthly meetings now permanently in the Old Inn St. Breward are suspended – will they ever restart? Who knows.

June 2020 Jack Hill passed away in June.

November 2020 Terry Kent passed away in November

May 2022 Arthur Welsh passed away aged 93 years. 

Résumé of the Lank Bheys personnel

1 & 2, 1986

Ralf and Roy Kerslake from “Homelands”, Higher Lank, Wilfred their dad – Lily now Rowe their mum (my second cousins Lilly was my grandad, John Rich Rowe’s sister)

4, 1990

Raymond Burrows – his mother and father ran the Old Inn, but later the family lived at Claylands – Ray was the best friend of Roy Kerslake – so many tales and disasters!

5, 1996

Denis Champion – school friend of Ralph, Roy and Raymond – a great footballer in his day – went on to become manager of Hantergantick Quarry. Also a representative of the Cornwall F.A. and on the executive of the England Ladies Football Team – married to Gladys née Teague.

3, 1986

Trevor Ternouth – Brought up in St. Breward but left in 1960, when his parents moved to St. Austell his dad Gordon always concerned of contracting “The Dust” – so many Stone Cutters died of silicosis. Trevor has always retained a great affection of his birth village – read his book “Now That is Some Trek!”

6, 2006

Terry Kent – Trevor’s best friend – a real character and loved by many of his generation – although Trevor was quite well known for his stage work, he always wished Terry had pursued this way of life. But Terry suffered from stage fright! Again see Trevor’s book.

7, 2011

Terry Gifford – A Port Isaac import – but another of Roy Kerslakes good friends – he was a popular member of the De Lank Bheys!

8, 2011

Jack Hill – spent the latter years in Port Isaac and was good mates with Terry Gifford. Jack brought endless tales of life in St. Breward in the 1930s/40s and 50s. Some stories that amazed Terry Kent and Trevor. It was surprising how the youngsters of the era behaved – I’ll say no more – but we know!!

9, 2011 

John Collins married Eileen Rowe a distant relative of the Rowe family (Trevor). John moved into the village on his marriage – a man of strong opinions but was liked by all the original De Lank Bheys.

10 ,2011 

Arthur Welsh – a great asset to our lunch party! A wealth of knowledge re-the China play industry – he became the manager of Stannon Pit and Wenford Dries. A lovely man – dry wit and a valued member.

11, 2017

Joe Kay – One of the younger element who was to join in 2017. A real St. Breward legend. Married his childhood sweetheart Doreen née sleep and both became important members of village life. The Football Club especially and the revived Carnival Committee.

12, 2017

Pete Davey – a stoneworker all his life, younger than Trevor, but of Joe Kay’s vintage. Peter is a distant relative of Trevor’s through the Bunt family – Gwennie was his mother (née Bunt), Peter was a good local footballer who played for the village team.

13, 2018

Dai (Brian) Wills joined and was a valued member. Dai the father of mein host of the Old Inn Darren Wills.

14, 2018

Len Morgan – a friend of Terry Kent, who lived near each other in Truro. Len a former chairman of Truro City Football Club (Terry was a committee member alongside Len) so had much in common with the De Lank Bheys.

15, 2018

In 2018 our final member Chris Greenaway joined us. Chris was a classmate of Terry and Trevor’s from their infant school days. Well known and respected in the village, a stalwart of the Football Club alongside Joe Kay. Chris was as good a footballer as any to have come out of the village.

Incidentally Trevor’s dad Gordon, Terry’s dad Kenneth and Chris’s dad Cyril all attended St. Breward school as did their mums Edna Ternouth née Rowe,  Terry’s mum Monica Kent née Hancock and Chris’s mum Josephine Greenaway née Rawlings. But then in those days it was a village of very few residents(?). Joe Kay’s mum Dorothy née Kent, (Terry’s auntie) Pete Davey’s mum Gwennie Winn née Bunt, Trevor’s mums second cousin – it was very much a ‘closed’ community for several generations. The second world war ended that.



Terry Kent brought Michael Hoskin (former St. Breward boy) although he didn’t stay with us long, he moved to Redruth and felt it was too far to travel.

For several years in Nov/Dec we were joined by a few Raymond Burrows fishing friends from up London way. They would come to the Bodmin area and stay for a week and fish the Camel and Fowey rivers. Raymond goes on fishing, trips with Jed and Graham to Ireland and Scotland, fishing for salmon in those famous waters.

It has been my sad honour and privilege to have been asked to present the eulogy at the funeral of the following members of our group. Roy Kerslake, Raymond Burrows, Denis Champion and Jack Hill. I was asked to speak at Terry Kent’s funeral but felt he was too close to me so I wrote his eulogy, which was well presented by the minister of his funeral service.

Trevor Ternouth

June 2022