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Formed in 2010, the history group has grown into a thriving organisation with a healthy membership and well attended meetings. We decided early on to cut discussion of group business at meetings and instead engage a series of speakers to cover a wide range of historical topics. This has proved popular and meetings also provide a chance to meet and talk with other members. 

The group meets at 7pm on the last Wednesday of each month, except August and December. The venue is St Breward Village Hall,  near the Old Inn. 

The group has had a number of successes including amassing an archive of over 3,000 photographs  which have all been digitised, creating a highly successful World War I exhibition and the publication of a book of memories of older residents.

A lot of the work on our ever increasing archive goes on behind the scenes by a few dedicated members. Our aim is to make this available on the website. 

Committee members

Hazel Burrows, Chair, Programme Organiser, and Conservation Officer
Jon Arnold, Treasurer
David Eno, Communications
Valerie Hill, Secretary
Brian Hill
Sara Burrows
Trevor Ternouth
Should you wish to contact any member of the committee please address an email to enquiries@stbrewardhistory.co.uk for the attention of the person in question.

Please help us


If you have anything relating to St Breward that we could borrow and copy, or even keep, please contact us. enquiries@stbrewardhistory.co.uk

If you have memories of life in the parish and would be prepared to take part in a video, audio or written interview please contact us.


Dedicated to St Brueredus, the church was built in the Norman period and rebuilt in the 15th century.

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