St Breward History Group was approached via its website by the husband of a lady in poor health – they had been reminiscing about a holiday they had had in a cottage named Venn back in 1985. They thought it was in St Breward and sent a photo of the cottage taken at that time.
No-one in St Breward could identify the cottage, but someone mentioned that they believed there was a cottage by that name in Cardinham. Google said “yes” and gave a postcode, so two brave History Group members crossed the A30 and, following their SATNAV ended up in Mount, on the back road to Trago! Switching the cursed machine off, they followed their noses back to Cardinham and found two knowledgeable members of the community who knew where the cottage was and even who lived there.
The cottage was easily identified and the owner gave permission for up-to-date photos to be taken. These were sent to the holidaying couple forthwith – to much appreciation and delight.